Itinerary - Πρόγραμμα

  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Sunday 1st October  Port of Patras 15:30 79,00 km Loutra Kyllinis 17:00 Overnight, Olympia Riviera Thalasso
Sunday 1st October  Start of Scrutineering/Participants Briefing 19:00 00,00 km End of Scrutineering 20:00 Identification of cars, participation numbers and plates and rest of Event material delivery
Sunday 1st October  Welcome Gala & Dinner 21:00 00,00 km  Olympia Riviera Thalasso 22:30 Welcome Gala & Dinner (Included in the E.F.)
        79,00 km      
  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Monday 2nd October  Loutra Kyllinis 09:00 60,76 Ancient Olympia 10:00 Guided Visit at the Ancient Olympia Archaiological site and Museum before the Official Start
Monday 2nd October   Ancient Olympia Official Start of TdP 12:00 91,90 Temple of Apollo Epicourios 14:30 Lunch Break and Visit at the Temple of Apollo Epicourios(Included in the E.F.)
Monday 2nd October  Temple of Apollo Epicourios 15:30 67,60 Dimitsana 17:30 Overnight (Guest house En Dimitsani, Archontiko Deligianni and Methexis. Dinner and live concert (Included in the E.F.)
        222,26 km      
  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Tuesday 3rd October  Dimitsana 10:00  110,85 Mystras 13:00 Guided Visit at the Medieval Capital of Peloponnese, Mystras, Lunch Break (Included in the E.F.)
Tuesday 3rd October  Mystras 15:30 56,12 Kalamata 17:00 Overnight at Filoxenia Hotel, Dinner (Included in the E.F.)
  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Wednesday 4th October  Filoxenia Hotel, Kalamata 10:00 76,90 Areopoli 12:00 Visit at the Medieval village of Areopoli, Lunch Break (Included in the E.F.)
Wednesday 4th October  Areopoli 13:30 11,10 Diros Caves 13:50 Guided Visit at the Magnificent caves of Diros
Wednesday 4th October  Diros Caves 15:30 13,74 Limeni Mani 16:00 Overnight at Limeni Village Hotel. Dinner  (Included in the E.F.)
Wednesday 4th October  Limeni Mani 19:30 15,30 Gerolimenas Mani 20:00 Special night stage
  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Thursday 5th October  Gerolimenas Mani 10:00 138,00 Elia 13:30 A visit on the spectacular Elia bay, on the cost of Laconia. Lunch Break (Included in the E.F.)
Thursday 5th October  Elia 15:00 47,70 Monemvasia 16:30 Overnight at Lazaretto Hotel or in Kelia Hotel inside the Castle (for those to wish this, please aply). Visit at the Medieval city of Monemvasia.
  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Friday 6th October  Hotel Lazaretto, Monemvasia 10:00 72,90 Kosmas Village 12:00 Break for traditional lunch and a visit at Kosmas Village (Included in the E.F).
Friday 6th October  Kosmas Village 13:30 109,50 Nafplio 16:30 Official finish of the racing part, get ready for the prize giving ceremony. Overnight at Neoklasiki Group Hotels
Friday 6th October  Nafplio, 20:00 1,50 Fougaro Gallery 22:00 Galla, prize giving Ceremony and Party (FOUGARO GALLERY)
  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Saturday 7th October  Nafplio, Nafplia Pallace Hotel 10:00 25,30 Mycenae Archailogical Site 10:30 Guided Visit at Mycenae Archaiological site and Museum
Saturday 7th October  Mycenae Archailogical Site 11:30 16,00 DOMAINE SKOURAS Winnery 12:00 Wine Tasting
Saturday 7th October  DOMAINE SKOURAS Winnery 13:00 178,33 Patras Port 15:00 Entering the Ferry Boat to Ancona/Trieste Port
    Total Kilometres   1174,50