Lancia Flavia Sport Zagato 1.8, 1965

Must be on something to design such a car. Must be for sure on something to buy such a car, or at least you should have the belly of an architect to digest it. I saw an add in Omicron's website about a Flavia Sport Zagato 1800. It was the Lancia that you either love it or hate it. Although there were stories about Zagato's building quality, I gave a call to the owner (James Godfrey). He told me it was good but it needed restoration. He suggested to examine the Flavia . So, another opportunity to visit UK. Arrange the tickets via EasyJet, and on the 5th of February (2007 still long before the "crisis") I was on the Norwich Railway Station were James and I had our appointment. After a couple of beers at the traditional "Old Ram" ( have to be a little drunk to buy a Flavia Zagato), James saw me the Flavia Files. He had done a good work gathering documents, bills, etc. Some small paperwork and the Flavia Z was mine. It was much more difficult than I thought to find a company to transport the Flavia to Greece. Finally it was here, in September 2007